Sometimes Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy Clarity, force and tranquillity Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy I think that helps if you extremely clearly explain, che go want.

Sometimes I meet parents who speak: Oh, Johnny, do not do it so awkwardly or so not it is unambiguous that the child for certain understands that in this door there is a big crack through which it can slip.

When you very firmly speak: I it at all not I will suffer when you are expressed clearly and show that at you the patience really came to an end, the child understands, than risks.

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Steve Biddalf, psychologist

Steve Biddalf, psychologist Steve Biddalf, psychologist and writer If at the moment when you read it, your son attacked a bush with the water gun or your daughter plays in school, or if your daughter declared that her name is the Pirate Pete, and the son it was rolled up in brilliant fabric or was accepted to knitting, you not will long reflect over recent trends in a gene tic.

Therefore let's remove political correctness aside Floor and development also we will pass to an essence of results of the last researches to that mu that most of parents knew earlier and knows now.

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How I did not think

How I did not think Really, why is also not present?

was delighted Ball.

How I did not think of it earlier?

We let's prepare such entertainment, what else nobody ate, also we will invite to it all residents!

Will be real holiday!

The holiday is you fine thought up!

Varik exclaimed.

And what we will prepare?

I do not know yet, but chtonibud very much the tasty.

Cooks long discussed, what dish to them to prepare.

At last they decided that to a sda bark fish and such, that only all fingers licked.

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Rage and attempts

Rage and attempts But do not forget: yours the child is frightened, he does not control the actions and words and, most likely, will remember nothing in the morning.

Rage and attempts violently to wake him can frighten even more and cause to the hysteric so try to keep calm, ostavay tes with it also console him as far as possible.

The Bezmyatezhnost organization advises: if nightmare arises approximately at the same time every night, popro to buyta softly to wake the child in minutes prior to the estimated fear, and then allow it to fall asleep again.

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And the father

And the father Eventually, feeling strong pressure, the son looks for protection at mother.

Thus, all diplomatic relations remain only with mother he asks pocket money from her, shares some of a problemakma.

And the father appears as if the person the priest §га!

and that, of course, leads to disappointment of the father.

The same situation can happen and to the daughter.

Psychological umbilical cord As we already spoke, between parents and children there is a thin mental communication which it is accepted to call thin not because it is insignificant but because it is invisible and is not perceived by usual sense organs.

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